Mark Sanchez
Sales Manager
Thank you for choosing Keyes Honda to handle your vehicle needs. I’m the Sales Manager at the dealership, I love long walks on the beach with my cat Ronnie . I’m here to provide you with the best service and ac ...Read More
Kevin Garita
Internet Sales Director Cell: (310)-663-9235Email Me
Since joining the auto industry, my goal has always been to make my customers and their families happy. Each day I come into the dealership ready to work hard, and I’m always aiming to please. Guests can depend ...Read More
David Mendoza
Sales Manager
Hello! My name is David Mendoza and I would like to welcome you to Keyes Honda Van Nuys. I have been working in the auto industry for many years, and have met some of the greatest people throughout my career. I ...Read More
Vanessa Palacio
Service Director
Welcome to Keyes Honda Van Nuys! I love working in this industry, where I have met some of the most amazing customers and coworkers, whom I’ve built lasting relationships with over the years. I have been workin ...Read More
Miguel Alvarez
Parts Manager
Hello! I’m Miguel Alvarez and I’ve been with the dealership since October 2016, but my career in the automotive industry began with Keyes 12 years ago. My priority is to get the job done right and to make sure  ...Read More
Internet Managers
Julio Estrella
Internet Sales Manager
I have exceptional knowledge of the Honda product. Been in the auto industry for 4 years. Fluent in Spanish. Providing customers with excellent service is my number one priority.
Noe Santiago
Internet Sales Manager
Hello! My name is Noe Santiago and I have been working in car sales since 2012. I’m fluent in Spanish and English. I studied business while attending school in Los Angeles. Meeting new people and helping them f ...Read More
Bill Batch
Sales Consultant
I’m known for being warm, patient, consistent, and very reliable. The integrity that I possess is greater than any rule book. Customers can depend on me to be a great listener, cheerful, and easy to work with.  ...Read More
Sergii Bobrov
Sales Consultant
In this business, you should be always on the front line, and willing to give more and take less. This is why I try my best to satisfy my customers’ needs by providing them with unique service and making the bu ...Read More
Douglas Capouch
Sales Consultant
I’ve been selling Hondas for 10 years now. Before then, I sold General Motors vehicles for a total of 10 years (after I moved here from Billings, Montana). Making others happy is something that I’m truly passio ...Read More
Victor Goorjian
Sales Consultant
I’ve been working with Honda for 18 years. Customers enjoy working with me because I have the experience they need, and the service they look for. I have done sales most of my life, and my motto has always been ...Read More
Michael Indzheyan
Sales Consultant
I am one of the most committed sales partners you will encounter. At Keyes Honda, I dedicate my time striving to create the best contracts and services for my clients. I thrive when confronted by challenges, es ...Read More
Moe Noorzay
Sales Consultant
Hi! My name is Moe, and I started in auto sales in 1996. The best part of my job is meeting different people from all walks of life and assisting them with all of their vehicle needs. Customers enjoy working wi ...Read More
Oscar Garcia
Service Advisor
Hello! My name is Oscar and I’m a Service Advisor here at the dealership. I joined Keyes in 2016, but have been working in the automotive business for 9 years. I grew up in San Fernando Valley and graduated fro ...Read More
Tina Bell
Service Advisor
Hello! My name is Tina Bell and I’m a proud member of the Keyes family. I have 15 years of experience working in the auto industry. Throughout the years I have held many positions, including Assistant Manager,  ...Read More
Miguel Cuenca
Service Advisor
Hello! My name is Miguel and I’m a Service Advisor at Keyes Honda. I have the opportunity to work directly with our guests, providing them the knowledge and options they can depend on. I joined the auto industr ...Read More
Allen Rostamo
Service Advisor
Being a Service Advisor here at Keyes gives me the opportunity to work with our customers directly, helping them solve their vehicle concerns and needs. My strong passion for customer service makes this the per ...Read More
Bulmaro Cabrera
Service Advisor
I have been in the auto industry for 22 years, and I joined the Keyes dealership in April. Customers enjoy working with me because I’m fun, knowledgeable, and caring. I go above and beyond to ensure they receiv ...Read More
Ishel Lepe
Business Manager
Hello! I’m a Business Manager here at the dealership. I’ve been in the auto industry for 16 years, joined the Keyes Honda team in 2001. Throughout my career I have earned many certifications, including the Cert ...Read More
Greg Dashnakyan
Business Manager
Hello! I’m Greg Dashnakyan, and I’m a Business Manager here at Keyes Honda. I joined the dealership in 2006. Customers enjoy working with me because I’m fun, energetic, exciting, and always willing to earn thei ...Read More
Julie Warr
Business Manager
I just joined the Keyes dealership in January 2017, but my career in automotive began 21 years ago. I’m a big fan of Keyes and the wonderful team we have here at the dealership. Our mission is to provide each c ...Read More
Louie Venegas
Business Manager
Hi! I’m Louie, the Business Manager at the dealership. I joined the automotive industry 11 years ago and have built a loyal customer base over the years. I have some clients who will not buy a vehicle unless it ...Read More