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Maintain Your Honda Car with New Parts at Keyes Honda

The Honda brand is renowned for its reliability. However, even the best-engineered vehicle will need to have a part or two replaced over the course of its lifetime. That's because every car is made up of dozens of moving parts that must work precisely during all of your commutes. Luckily, Keyes Honda is here to help whenever you need a new auto part. Not only do we stock all of the latest Honda cars, but we do our best to make sure they continue to run smoothly and safely long after you drive off our lot.

Honda Car Parts to Consider

Why it’s important to maintain your vehicle's parts:

  • Reliable handling and performance
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Extended vehicle lifespan

Making sure that your new Honda vehicle has properly functioning parts is vitally important. If your car's parts start to wear down, it can negatively impact how the vehicle operates as a whole. That's why our Van Nuys Honda dealership strives to make sure every customer can find the exact auto part they need without any hassle.

Our Honda parts department is fully stocked with genuine Honda parts. That means that they're tailor-made to be compatible with your Honda Prius or Honda Civic. They fit perfectly and are engineered to last for years to come. You can even ask our Honda dealers to order the part you need in advance. This will save everyone time during your next service appointment. Simply visit our website, find the online parts request form, and fill it out. Our Honda technicians will do the rest.

Why Buy New Car Parts from Our Van Nuys Honda Dealership

In addition to our impressive inventory, Keyes Honda also offers Honda parts specials to help our customers save some cash. Check our website frequently for the most up-to-date offers. You can take advantage of some great deals on everything from a new car battery to a premium pair of windshield wipers. That's not the only perk we have here, either. We offer free Wi-Fi to entertain you as you wait, as well as complimentary coffee and baked goods to give you a burst of energy.

Reasons to choose us:

  • Parts specials
  • Genuine Honda parts
  • Online ordering
  • Tire center
  • Free Wi-Fi, coffee, and pastries

So the next time you get a cracked windshield or flat tire, bring your Honda car or SUV to us. Our service center is located at 5905 Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys, CA. If you'd like to schedule an appointment after hours, use the booking tool on our website.